Ryan attended law school at the University of Ottawa where he graduated cum laude, won the criminal law award, was the teaching assistant for criminal law and procedure for Professor David Paciocco and clerked for a criminal court judge at the Ontario Court of Justice. Following law school, he worked for the firm of Greenspan Partners where he gained experience defending a range of offences before deciding to start his own criminal law practice.

Since starting his own criminal law practice, he has continued to defend individuals charged with a range of offences, from less serious charges such as domestic assault and impaired driving to very serious offences such as trafficking cocaine, sexual assault and sexual interference, break and enter, aggravated assault and murder. Ryan has successfully defended hundreds of individuals and has represented people at every level of court in Ontario. He believes that every individual charged with a criminal offence deserves a thorough and vigorous defence and deserves to have a lawyer that is accessible to explain the criminal justice process at every step of the proceedings. 

Ryan frequently appears in courts in Toronto, Scarborough, Newmarket, Oshawa, Brampton and Milton. Ryan accepts Legal Aid in some cases and is on the Extremely Serious Matters panel.

Ryan is also published in the University of British Columbia Law Review. He has also published non-academic articles in Law Times, the Lawyers’ Daily and Canadian Lawyer Magazine. Ryan is frequently called on by the media to speak on criminal cases and has been quoted in NOW Magazine, the Toronto Star and has appeared on CBC’s the National, CTV News and Global News.

Ryan is a member of the Ontario Bar Association, the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and the Toronto Lawyers’ Association. 

Steven Skurka

Tel: 416-917-7748

Steven Skurka is a leading criminal defence lawyer who has spent decades defending accused persons charged with a range of offences, including very serious violent offences, such as murder, as well as major fraud and white collar offences. Steve has fearlessly advanced novel and creative defences and has been involved in several precedent-setting cases. Steve defended the case of R v. Brown, involving a former player on the Toronto Raptors, and advanced the Charter defence that the police stop had been tainted by racial profiling, a case which became a landmark case in this area of the law in Canada. Steve also advanced a successful argument that relied on evidence of marijuana-induced psychosis as well as a successful defence that relied on battered child syndrome in a homicide case. Steve is a sought-after speaker and has given many presentations to the criminal defence bar, judges and law students and teaches regularly at the Ontario College of Advocacy Training.

Steve taught criminal procedure at Osgoode Hall Law School for over a decade and acted as the legal analyst for CTV and its morning program, Canada AM. Steve is also a published author having written Tilted: the Trials of Conrad Black, a book about Conrad Black’s criminal case in Chicago and a fictional book, Pharo and the Clever Assassin.

Steve is a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers in the United States.

Trevor Lau

Tel: 365-999-4249

Trevor obtained his law degree from the University of Oxford in England and his LL.M. from Osgoode Hall Law School. Trevor went on to article at a prominent criminal law firm in Brampton, where he developed a strong foundation in Charter-based defences.

As an associate at RH Criminal Defence, Trevor prides himself on his detail-oriented and creative approach to criminal defence: he is adept at pinpointing legal issues and crafting novel solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Trevor has assisted on a jury trial involving a murder client charged with first-degree murder, which resulted in an acquittal, a challenge to a mandatory minimum sentence in the Criminal Code for the offence of manslaughter with a firearm and a challenge in a case involving the seizure of drugs and firearms due to a no-knock raid. Trevor believes that every accused person has the right to a thorough defence and that the system can only be changed through the determined advocacy of the defence.

Trevor is a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and is part of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association’s Recent Call Committee.

Lauren Teixeira

Lauren is a returning Summer Law Student at RH Criminal Defence. Lauren is a law student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, where she is an executive on the Criminal Law Students’ Association and a Senior Editor on the University of Toronto Law Review. Lauren has always had a passion for criminal law. Prior to law school, Lauren graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys reading, cooking and spending time outdoors. 


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