Why Hiring an Experienced Fraud Lawyer Is a Must

Being convicted of fraud can have a detrimental impact on a person’s livelihood.  In almost any regulated profession, all crimes of dishonesty must be disclosed and can lead to a person losing or being denied certification in his or her chosen profession.

I have experience working on large-scale fraud cases that involve multiple accused persons, as well as smaller fraud cases to do with bank fraud, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud and business fraud.  In this day and age, there is a tremendous rush to judgement among peers and the media when a person is charged with fraud.  When charged with fraud, it is important to retain counsel that will understand your business and is detail-oriented and motivated to defend your rights.

In addition to my experience as a Toronto criminal lawyer defending fraud, I also have experience defending cases from the Ontario Securities Commission.

Can you successfully defend against fraud charges?

Fraud charges are generally split into two categories: fraud under $5000 or fraud over $5000.
The main factor here is placed on the value of the amount the accused might have stolen.

Those looking for advice on fraud charges should definitely consult a Toronto fraud lawyer to understand the full extent of your charges and to evaluate your options. Thus, a successful defense strategy can be implemented in your particular case.

As in most criminal cases, pleading guilty to fraud charges can have severely damaging consequences for your case. Getting a criminal record will definitely affect your work status, immigration status, social reputation, your family and your personal social standing along with your freedom. A fraud charge conviction is a major cause for concern, because it’s labeled as a crime of dishonesty.

I have extensive experience defending fraud cases. I will often identify outcome-changing details within the case documentation and help you get acquittals if you happen to be facing fraud charges.

In every given fraud case, the prosecutor must definitely prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that fraud has in fact occurred.

On top of this, when a prosecutor is making their case, the prosecutor will often rely on a rather extensive and difficult paper trail with or without witnesses to improve credibility of the case. An expert Toronto fraud lawyer, I can often spot “holes in the case” or find opportunities to exclude or challenge specific evidence.

Read below for additional legal information about my recent successes.

Related Representative Work

R v. G.A.

Client charged in $40,000 fraud had charges withdrawn in Newmarket Court.  Client was facing one year of jail time prior to withdrawal of charges due to alleged involvement in fraudulently obtaining government benefits.  As a result of the withdrawal, the client has no criminal record whatsoever.

R v. D.W.

Client charged with fraud over $5,000 had charge stayed in Brampton.  The Crown chose not to proceed due to the defence raising issues with respect to proving knowledge of the fraud.  The Crown was originally seeking six months in jail.

R v. S.G.

Client charged with fraud over $5,000 in an alleged bank fraud had charges withdrawn in Newmarket Court.  The defence raised deficiencies in the evidence prior to trial and the Crown chose to withdraw the charge rather than proceed.

R v. W.P.

Client charged with fraud over $5,000, obstruct justice and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence had charges withdrawn in Newmarket Court.  The defence raised difficulties proving client’s involvement and knowledge in a case of staged accidents and the Crown chose to withdraw the case rather than proceed.

R v. M.U.

Client charged with fraud and utter forged documents had charges withdrawn in Oshawa Court.  The Crown could not prove that the client was aware that documents tendered to a bank in a mortgage transaction were fraudulent.